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Before painting Russian Matrioshka doll the surface of dolls should be smooth and equal. For this purpose all over again you should remove scratches and roughness with average and then with a thin emery paper.
It is necessary for doing with each doll. After dolls are ready it is necessary to dissolve a small amount of starch in water and carefully to cover a surface of dolls with this solution to smooth with a hand on all surface.

Now it is necessary to give time that Matryoshka doll has dried up. Once again we make it smooth with the sandpaper that the surface becomes ideal.
Now a soft pencil draw on a surface of each doll contours of the person, hands and clothes and so on.
Let's pick up paints for coloring of Matryoshka on a palette.
For coloring Matyioshka dolls I use a water color. Colors should be contrast. To preserve the painting the Matryoshka should be covered with a layer of nitro-lacquer. After the stacking doll is completely dried we cover it with a thin layer of an oil lacquer.

Good luck!
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