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Welcome to Matrioshka Shop!Russian nesting dolls

The Matrioshka Shop offers a great selection of high quality wooden nesting toys. Matryoshka dolls at best prices on the Web. These items are available any time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week with secure online ordering.

Russian Nesting Dolls.

Our craftsmen have over 40 years of experience creating collectible wooden dolls for both adult collectors as well as for the enjoyment of children of all ages. They are so durable that we can hardly remember the number of toys that have been returned for repair in the 14 years that we have been in online business.

  • Sometimes our wooden products get pretty heavy use - several of my customers have told me that their kids take their nested dolls with them when they go off to college.

  • The opposite extreme is the mother that asked her son if he was taking his Russian Matryoshka doll off to school, and he said "No, please put it away so that someday my son can have it."

  • This is the absolutely perfect gift idea. These creations truly become valuable heirlooms and prized possessions. Our Nested dolls are very popular for bedroom decor, as well as for adding a nice touch to your business environment, your living room, or den.

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